Las Vegas

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There are many Spanish names in the United States near Mexico. This is because Spain once dominated. Las Vegas Las Vegas is also a Spanish meadow, which is named after the old Spanish was a meadow when it passed.

Las Vegas has begun to flourish as the casino has entered since 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling. It is a reputation as a city of gambling and entertainment, so Americans are called to the new Citi SIN City. Since the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah, the symbols of the fallen cities, the nickname of Shin Citi is just appropriate.

In addition to the insidious images of the gambling industry associated with the mafia, the bundle of money shakes the bundle and expresses the frivolous stiffness that is possible if it is money. It is natural that Las Vegas is the stage where a millionaire Robert Redford will give a $ 1 million to a poor newlyweds. How can we better express the frivolous philosophy of the city?

Las Vegas buildings are gorgeous. If it’s money, it’s a gorgeous building to show that it’s possible. Hotels with casinos are typical. It reproduces the world’s symbolic buildings as it proves that even history and tradition can be made with money. It’s like an emerging rich United States, which is just as if it’s a historic but old Europe.

Las Vegas also has a venice canal and a gondol, a Paris Eiffel Tower, and an Egyptian pyramid. Above all, there is a casino that makes you dream of a single amount. The casino forgets the flow of time. I forget the sirness while enjoying Las Vegas. Everyone dreams of becoming rich here, but eventually leaves as a vacant battery. The short welding eventually ends with a welcome, and the slot machine, which is installed at the airport, seems to symbolize the frivolousness of the city where the last little money 바카라사이트/a> of the vacant tourist must be scraped off and scraped off.

Of course, I can’t say that the recent Las Vegas is such a bad city. The casino industry, which is considered a pronoun of entertainment and illegality, tried to dismiss the image and transform it into a family -enjoyed leisure space. It is also a city of various conferences, including famous CES. There are many attractions, including Grand Canyon. When you drive a road from Hoover Dam to Las Vegas at night, the lights of Las Vegas, which are on the hill that enters Las Vegas, are spectacular. It is a strong thrill that can be felt in the artificial beauty created by humans.

However, the image that still remains for people is the image of a city of gambling and entertainment. For example, in a movie based on Las Vegas, most of them are drawn as a city of such an image. What happened in Las Vegas is left in Las Vegas, leaving what happen in vegas stays in vegas is famous. Is it an implicit social consensus that you can enjoy a deviation in a fallen city, and you can forgive and forgive all what happened here?

Thus, in this city, even the wife of others will never feel exaggerated. Where is it impossible in money in a city that reveals the unfamiliarity of this frivolous and poor capitalism!

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