A stylish wallet is recommended for the 60th birthday celebration gift! 3 brands popular with father and mother [latest version in 2022]

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The 60th birthday, which is a milestone in life, is a special celebration for families. Fashionable wallets are gaining popularity for gifts that remain in such anniversary. This time, we will introduce a wallet recommended for the 60th birthday celebration of “2022 latest information”. There are various types of popular brand products and luxurious ones, so please take a look. Louis Vuitton Wallet Copy Portofoyille Victorine Dami 카지노사이트 Ebenimini Wallet Product Specifications 12.0 x 9.5 x 2.5 cm (Width x height x Machi) Material: Monogram Can Best Liming: Grain Leather (Leather: Cowhide) Lining: Grain Leather False (Color Leather Falte (Color Leather) : Gold) Snap button Opening and closing zipper type coin case compartment compartment for tags flat pocket x2 Pocket X6 Feminine atmosphere and functional beauty, “Portofoy Yubiku”, which is compactly finished with monogram canvas. The interior has a card slot, banknotes and coins pockets. The accent was accented with grain leather lining, and the enurop -type flap was treated with the same color as the lining. Hermes Bean Compact Copeted Epson Silver Bracket Product Name Bean Compact Size W12cm x H9.5cm Material Epson metal fittings Silver

Chanel Brand Copy Cambon Line Bi -fold wallet Black x Silver A26717

New state

Material calf

Black x silver (inner silver)

Size W18.5 x H10.5cm

Accessories Chanel Box Guarantee Card

Remarks A26717

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