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・ It will take a considerable amount of time to converge not only to the spread of infection but also to the impact on various fields.

It is inevitable that the deceleration of the Chinese economy will be spurred. In addition, the world with a chsianisk will accelerate China.

Even so, from the aftermath of the US -China trade war, western countries were trying to review their relationships with China, withdraw companies from China, and rebuild supply chains. It is an explosion of the new pneumonia at the end.

“The new colon virus is a bacterial weapon! ]

Izumi Paul Hikaru Land 2020/4/30

・ This global pandemic is a “disaster” that has been completely announced on the Illuminati Card (released in 1995) following the 9.11 simultaneous terrorist attacks (2001) and the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake (2011)!

・ Those who steadily walk towards the last day! The plan is the Bible underlay, and the Illuminati Card is being executed while also informed in the rules!

・ The media is a weapon! An incident theater that can be conveyed quickly. In this stimulus, we are deprived of normal thoughts and we are taken by the catastrophe World War! Don’t overlook your soul even if you are hit into the giant system of silence weapons! Focus, learn, and prepare!

・ The new colon virus pandemic was planned for many years and decades. What is the aim? Our fighting is not for blood flesh, but for sovereignty, power, rulers in the dark world, as well as villains in the heavens.

・ I am now in my heart.

Once again, the evil organization Illuminati committed a deadly sin in accordance with their evil plans.

The artificial new corona viruses are scattered from Chinese Wuhan by exploding the research institute and chemical factories, and the world is struggling around the world.

Many still do not know that the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the great national disaster were artificial earthquakes and intentional complex disasters.

People who go on a mask today are not aware of this new Coronavirus turmoil, which will eventually end in vaccine development over time.

It’s an important opportunity to stop and think, but it’s just a conspiracy theory, and it’s not deeply done.

The Bible prophecy states that such a conspiracy is endlessly performed until the end of the world.

・ I want to present many situation evidence in this book. In conclusion, the new Coronavirus fuss theory is that three Chinese industrial spies have stealed viruses collected from Saudi Arabic men in the Netherlands and cultivated at the Wuhan Virus Institute and are toxicity by genetic modification technology. It is even more powered up.

・ In real chemical weapons, bacteria quickly disappear and there is no source of infection or evidence. The new colona riot is a run -run exercise, and it seems that real biological chemical weapons will be scattered by 2030 and the world population will be reduced to one -third from the current number. Indeed, the number is expected to imitate the Bible.

Zekariya 13: 8 “The whole area is like this. The Lord’s announcement. The two -thirds are cut off, die, and one -third remains there.”

・ China has been studying how to build a powerful quantum computer that has theoretically possible, which has been successful in launching the world’s first quantum satellite, and can theoretically break the number -based encryption used around the world. It has been growing to the realization of electronic spy activities by realizing communication satellites. It was only a year before the military power of the world was neutralized. So, in a hurry, the dark organization scattered the new Corona to cause a big confusion in line with the 30 -year -old memorable movement.

・ “Testimony by witnesses in the Illuminati Global rule plan”

This is a powerful information that the new colon virus pandemic has been planned for more than 15 years. A British man who worked in the British army for many years and was in a very high position in London after retirement attended a meeting with 25-30 advanced Mason and others in the city of London in June 2005. 。

・ “World War III is planned. It will be a war using nuclear weapons and biological weapons, which is the first plan to start the war by attacking Iran. Either Iran or China will be able to fight back at nuclear weapons. After a short -term nuclear attack exchange, the ceasefire will be brought in. It will be thrown into it. Everything will be created carefully by them. Extreme status due to tension is created, and all western advanced countries are justified to lounge severe social control and military control. Sho. Various preparation plans for that are already in progress in various countries. During the ceasefire of the nuclear war, it is planned to sink biological weapons in China. They are genes on Chinese people. I intend to sprinkle viruses like influenza, which are targeted. This biological weapon will be racially targeted by Chinese at first. This is a large amount of Chinese people to spread like a wildfire. Is planned to be affected. “

・ Biological wars will spread further. To the western countries. The diffusion route is unpredictable because of the mutation. And as a result, social infrastructure will be decisively weakened. This is just the beginning. After this, the entire nuclear war may be caused. In other words, it is World War III. Destruction will spread widely and many lives will be lost. The witnesses have said that the population reduction planned by the above combinations is 50 % of the current population. He heard at the meeting that this number was stated. As if all of this is not enough, this testimony speculates that “all preparations are being arranged on the premise of” geophysics “.

・ Popular American novelist Dean R. Koonz, a famous horror and suspense novel, has announced many bestsellers, including Phantom and Fan House.

The 1981 work “The Eyes of Darkness) mentions the virus” Wuhan-400 “(Wuhan-400). Despite being a novel 39 years ago, a new colon virus that has spread from the current advanced Watan, and pneumonia caused by this. It looks exactly like reality. Excerpted the contents of the novel are as follows.

“At that time, a Chinese scientist named Li Chen has fled to the United States. With the most important and dangerous bacterial weapon microfilm files in China during the last decade. Is called “Wuhan-400”. It was named because it was a laboratory of RNA and DNA near Wuhan City.

This is the survival of the 400th artificial microorganisms created in the Lab of Wuhan. Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon.

・ The new Coronavirus, which has the current low mortality rate and a long incubation period, is different, but the purpose of manufacturing of this bacterial weapon is expressed in the following text.

“Wuhan-400 has some other important advantages that exceed bacterial weapons. First of all, just four hours after the virus infected, it has become a career to others. Is a surprisingly short incubation period.

Once infected, you cannot survive for more than 24 hours. In many cases, they die in 12 hours. The murder rate is 100 %. So I can’t survive.

How many politics did the Chinese try? They couldn’t find any effective antibodies or antibiotics on this. “

・ It is written that this bacterial weapon has been developed and practical to purge the “Chinese political criminals”. However, in the Japanese translation version of this novel, China has been replaced with the “Soviet Union”, and Wuhan has been rewritten as “Goryeki”.

Even so, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Similarly, there are other new Corona -like content that appeared in novels and movies, so I will introduce more.

・ The horror movie series called Biohazard, a co -produced movie in the United States and the United Kingdom released in 2002, has been announced in order of a series of plague turmoil.

If you introduce the synopsis in the pinpoint, Alice, a special operative who worked at the pharmaceutical company Amblella, was a mission to security underground research facilities, but realized that the research on virus weapons was in a secret. I try to reveal.

One day, 500 researchers who leaked the virus died, but survived by the T-virus, and the dead are zombie.

This giant company blocks the entire city of Raccoon City due to the abnormal situation where the city is overflowing with zombie citizens due to the wides of which biological weapons T-virus developed by Umbrella.

Also, in the fourth game series “Resident Evil 4” in the original movie, it is said that the cult group “Los Illuminados” was involved in the development of this biological weapon. The meaning of “Los Illuminados Los ILUMINADOS” is a word that made “Illuminati” in Spanish.

・ Bill Gates is a speech on the Internet video, saying, “You don’t have to panic, but you should start virus measures. Because there is no more time.”

He seemed to have actually visited the White House and appealed to the president’s adviser, Bolton, to take virus measures. Surely, the thoughts in the remarks “no more time” were well known about the future of Wuhan’s departure and the new Coronavirus infection.

Because he was a member of the same dark organization. Secret information is consulted with executives inside and decides and shared. Bill Gates has stated unscrupulously, even in the past, “can be reduced by vaccines.” He was revealed that cervical cancer vaccine was a infertility vaccine.

-The Illuminati Card with a unpleasant picture with a lot of bat jumps over the Sky and Trading Academy of Commerce and Trading Academy, with monsters who go around the ground.

Illuminati Card is a card game created by dark organization. They are the millionaire who plays the world as a table. I’m doing this because I can have more time and time. It is not a normal spirit.

I’m usually busy working, I can’t do such a dangerous crime plan, and I have more free and bright time to do, but I’m just thinking about bad things. At least at the time of the announcement of the card in 1995, if you knew that it was a plague in 2020, and eventually the number of deaths, you will be very worried about 25 years later, and you will be tired of keeping the secrets. You shouldn’t be able to sleep. It is an unusual spirit because I have endured it and have been waiting for many years. More than 500 cards. How many evils do you think secretly?

Games always have rules, and their own rules are “informing people in advance what they are trying to do.”

・ On February 15, 2020, one paper was published on the SNS “Research Gate” for scientists. The short paper published in the joint name of Xiao Buta, the University of China and the University of China, and the Shao Lee Lee, the University of Wan, is entitled “The Possible Origins of 2019-Ncovcoronavirus” and is “Watan Disease Prevention Management Management.” The center (WCDC) is named if it is a leakage source of the new colon virus that is currently in fashion.

・ The WCDC is only about 280 meters away from the “Wuhan Hua Nankai Global Market”, which is suspected of being the epicenter of the new Coronavirus infection because of the concentration of early infections.

According to the paper, the institute bred experimental animals and wild animals infected with pathogens, including 605 bats.

In previous studies, it has been pointed out that the new Coronavirus genome is very similar to the conversable bats. Born is kept in the institute because it is an animal that is particularly strong in viruses, and it seems that infection is suitable for long -term preservation, culture, and various experimental materials.

・ WCDC is also adjacent to hospitals where the infection of medical professionals was first confirmed.

The Wuhan Virus Institute has been studying SARS, which was popular around 2003, and was also created a chimeravirus that artificially modified SARS Coronavirus. The authors point out that the new Coronavirus may have leaked from these laboratorys. This paper is currently deleted from “Research Gate”, and only archives remain. It is unknown what the authors had.

・ The abominable evil Axis Illuminati Card is a dark bible for them. This card writes Lab Exploss “Institute Explosion” in English. And the map is the Wuhan Economic Area.

The central part of the explosion picture, the shape of the hypocenter, is the same in the map of the Map of the Wakuhan Economic Area, including the neighboring town surrounding Watan and the surroundings. It looks like a quiz for searching, but they enjoy it secretly.

The card means exploding from the Wuhan Research Institute. The map that includes all the surrounding towns as well as Wuhan City is the same shape as the card hypocenter.

・ I was asked by an executive of Leo Zagami, a self -proclaimed Illuminati, who saw my first artificial earthquake book, and connected him in Hikalland while interacting in English. He said, “Japan has been hindering their organizations for 150 years since 150 years.” I understand that not only him, but also many of the dark organizations hate Japan.

By the way, I know that I am not a mason Illuminati member of the ordinary Protestant Church, but if I enter a dark organization, I become a famous pastor, and I know the evil route that will be a famous pastor, skillfully defeated the enemy, and become rich. , I will never enter in the future.

If you make a temporary profit from the devil and sell your soul, you will fall into an eternal hell. He praised Jesus Christ, the Savior, who has completely won the devil who seduces the greed of meat and the pride of living.

・ We hope that the product Abigan of Fujifilm Toyama Chemicals in Japan will spread the public overcoming the conspiracy of the opposition of darkness.

In fact, the causative virus of MERS and SARS has a similar structure to the new colon virus called “SARS-COV-2” which is spreading this time.

This is because we have artificially cultivate the worst virus by incorporating MERS and SARS.

The Ministry of Health, Thai Health, mixed a Chinese woman infected with the new colon virus with an antiviral agent used for treatment of AIDS virus (HIV) to a dramatic improvement of the symptoms. It was announced. The symptoms of the new colon virus infected person are similar to Ebola and SARS, and the components of Ebola and AIDS are hybrids. So the conclusion is

New Coronavirus = MARS+Influenza+Ebola+SARS+D


When this happens, five types of monsters drawn on that Wuhan’s card are established.

・ February 1996. After moving to Tokyo, Kaiji Ito (Kaiji), who had spent self -depraved days, was pushed by a financial company Endo one day, pushed his debt he was once a guarantor. It is informed that it is expanding to 3.85 million yen.

One month later, while being invited to Endo, Kaiji boarded the gambling ship “Espoir”, which bears the name of “hope” in French, giving the debtor a chance to exempt the debt batch.

・ The Casino Ship Espoir of this movie and the casino ship on the cover of the manga are similar to the real Diamond Princess.

・ By the way, the notice of the offense against the new Corona attack is not only Illuminati Card, but also in the gambling movie “Kaiji”, the “Resident Evil Revelations” that imitates the Global Casino ship Diamond Princess, which is the external law right, and the following six movies. In fact, it was a combined disaster that mixed all these movies.

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a composite disaster struck in addition to the earthquake, such as tsunami, radioactivity, explosion fire, reputational damage, decrease in visit to Japan, power outage, food difficulty, stock crashing, bankruptcy, etc. As you like.

<"Cassandra Cross">

・ The synopsis is that the extremists in bacteria fled to the European continental trains. The infectious disease spread inside the car, and the army feared confidential leakage, in a secret, tried torust trains to Poland and isolate them.

<"The Crasise">

・ Synopsis is a story of a siege, where soldiers dressed in protective clothing appeared in the city and forced residents to take in the occurrence of infectious diseases. The announcement image says, “Madness is infected -this is a city attacked by bacterial weapons.”

<"Resurrection Day">

・ Synopsis is that the new virus “MM-88” is taken out by the east German scientist and reaches the mafia. The small airplane on the mafia crashed into the Alps, causing a blizzard, and the virus storage container crushed. Eventually, the MM-88 began to proliferate in the atmosphere and spread all over the world.

<"Duoms Day">

・ The synopsis is that the same virus spread again 27 years after 2008 when the death virus died. Immediately afterwards, the government knows the fact that there are still survivors in the isolated town 27 years ago to contain viruses. The government, who is convinced of the presence of treatments, sends leaders’ leading specialist teams into a isolated town.


・ 2011 American thriller movie. Draws the threat and panic of infectious diseases that have a high probability of death. The synopsis is like this. Beth, who finished his business trip to Hong Kong, was coughing occasionally while calling at the airport. It looks like the beginning of a cold, but two days later, she suddenly caused a cramped convulsions and became unconscious. Her husband, Mitch, hurriedly takes her to the hospital, but has developed a dramatic encephalitis due to an unknown illness and dies.

<"Mission: Impossible 2">

・ The synopsis is that Dr., a researcher of a biosite pharmaceutical company, will be unable to heal in 20 hours and die from Sydney from Sydney under the escort, which will be healed in 20 hours if infected. It was supposed to be transported by passenger aircraft, but was killed by IMF members and was robbed. On the other hand, the IMF headquarters takes the team and steals. Chimera virus chimera is derived from the “Chimera” creature that appears in Greek mythology, which has many idols that combine animals and humans.

“Fact book for knowing Japan and the world”

Relieve the world correctly by exciting prejudice and assumptions!

Supervised by Yu Sato Treasure Island 2019/11/27

・ (Sneaks): Both religions may be a religion with completely different characteristics, as the Christian countries and Islamic countries are currently in a violent conflict. )

・ (Verification): (Both Christianity and Islam are the Old Testament)

・ Three religions that add Judaism to Christianity and Islam are said to be Abraham’s religion. Both religions have the origin in the Middle East and believe in the prophet Abraham as the founder. While the Jews claim to be Isaac’s offspring among the two sons of Abraham, Muslims argue that they are another son Ishmael. In addition, the three religions both use the Old Testament as one of the scripture.

(When will the history of many years end?)

In many Islamic countries, including Iran, many other non -Islamic missionary activities are prohibited, but Christian and Judaism have been religious. Of course, it can be stated that such a country does not have the same rights as Muslims, such as no voting rights other than Muslims, but is a religion in special treatment.

(Sneaks): (In recent years, there has been a lively debate on the abolition of the death penalty, and the EU has declared the abolition of the death penalty, and the country with the death penalty is a delayed country).

(Verification): As of 2018, 142 countries have abolished and suspended 카지노 the death penalty system in 198 and regions. The ratio exceeds 70 % of the total. However, from the opposite side, there is a fact that 30 % of countries have not yet abolished or stopped the death penalty system. Furthermore, 8 countries that abolished the death penalty only for normal crimes, and 28 countries that have a death penalty but have not executed in the past 10 years, are completely abolished, including 56 countries and regions of the death penalty. It is a number approaching the country. Therefore, the abolition of the death penalty cannot be called the world’s trend.

The abolition of the death penalty is an unconventional problem, but if there are so many countries that do not abolish the death penalty, there are many religious reasons.

(Emotional problem over death penalty for death penalty)

・ It has been claimed that the death penalty can be a deterrent for crime, but its empiricality is low. However, there is something that can understand the feeling that a family who has lost his family by a crime wants to be sentenced to the culprit.

(Slow): (The country with the highest democracy in the world is still a symbol of democracy, which is not an exaggeration to say.)

(Verification): (Fostering interest in democracy by the country since childhood)

・ It is not the United States, which can be said to be a synonym for democracy, but in Northern Europe, which has been ranked first in the ranking for many years. According to the result of 2018, the United States is 25th and Japan is 22nd.

So what are the democratic points of Norway? Norwegian population is only 5.33 million, and the country is small, but the consciousness of democracy is incomparable. For example, at the Norwegian educational setting, not only teaches the importance of democracy from elementary schools, but since each political party has created policies for children, high school students ask questions about facilities called election huts. Or put together a report.

In more than 80 % of high schools in Norway, the student council will invite a representative of the political party to hold a debate. Thorough education since childhood supports the highest interest in democracy.

(The ease of political participation is the difference between Japan from Japan)

・ Norwegian has a unique election campaign. In Norway, the election hut described above is built along the street during the election period. The election hut is a colorful and cute design hut, so you can easily visit children and adults.

・ In addition, the voting rights and the right to vote are stipulated to be 18 years old or older, and there is no need for a candidate, so the Oslo City Council is not only a member of the high school girl, but also a high school student parliamentary parliament.

(Slow): It is a special case not only in Japan but also overseas to enter university after becoming a member of society.

(Verification): (Enrolling university in general adults in other countries)

・ Recurrent education is a concept of education proposed by Swedish economist lane, which refers to education and employment over a lifetime. In Japanese, it is called “lifelong education”, “regression education”, and “circulation education”.

・ However, in other countries, recurrent education has become more popular than Japanese imagination, and the percentage of university enrollments over the age of 25 has already reached approximately 20 % of the OECD countries. On the other hand, the ratio of adult students in Japan is only 1.9 %.

(Why recurrent education is not established in Japan?)

・ In other countries, the average age when entering university is also high. In the United States, the average age of university enrollment is 27 years old, the university enrollment rate is 74 %, the average age of university entrance to Norway is 30 years old, and the enrollment rate is 76 %. It is said that the average age of Japanese university entrance to school is 18 years old (2017), which is common sense to enter college at the age of 18 and graduate from 22 years old.

This obvious difference comes from the difference in how to understand the university. In Scandinavia, if you graduate from high school, you will first be financially independent. It is common to get a job and gain social experience, and then go to college to acquire qualifications, improve your career, and fulfill intellectual curiosity. In addition, it is surprising that the tuition of universities is free for both people and international students.

・ In addition, one of the reasons for recurrent education is the ease of leaving the job. In France, Belgium, Italy, and Sweden, where recurrent education is particularly active, the “paid education training system” has already been legislated, and it has been allowed to leave a job for a certain period of time for education and training.

< アメリカは日本以上に学歴主義である >

・(思い込み): 自由と独立精神を重視するアメリカ社会では、どのような人であろうとも、実力さえあればチャンスは平等に与えられている 。

(検証):( アメリカの管理職のほとんどは高学歴 )


・アメリカの大企業の部長の最終学歴を表す統計によれば、大学院修了の人事部長は61.6%、営業部長は45.6%、経理部長は43.9%、四年生大学卒ではそれぞれ、35.4%、43.5%、56.1%となっている。 2012年の日本における従業員500人以上の会社での役員の割合は、大学院修了6.3%、大学卒67.8%となっている 。管理職と役員の比較であるので正確に対応してはいないが、それでもアメリカ社会において学歴がいかに重要であるかが端的に理解できる資料である。

( ワスプから学歴重視へアメリカ社会秩序の変化 )

・かつてアメリカでは、「 ワスプ(WASP) 」と呼ばれるアングロサクソン系の白人で、プロテスタントであることが社会的地位を築く上で、非常に重要なものとなっていた。その支配階級とも呼び得るワスプの師弟が通う学校が、ハーバード大、コロンビア大、プリンストン大などのアイビーリーグと呼ばれる名門校であった。

・ このようにアメリカ社会では学歴が重んじられ、どこの大学のどの学科を卒業し、どこの大学院や博士号を取ったかが社会的に非常に重要なものとなっているのである 。こうした状況は、アメリカ社会が平等な社会に見えて、実は保守的なシステムを持つ社会であると批判されている原因となっている。

< オーストラリアの国民の20人に1人は中国人だ >

・(思い込み):( オーストラリアは移民国家として知られているが、その多くが欧米諸国の出身者で占められているはずだ 。)

・(検証): (オーストラリアに絶大な影響力を振るう中国 )



( 静かに侵食されているオーストラリア )


< アメリカにおける銃による死者は、独立戦争以降の戦死者を上回る >

(思い込み):( アメリカは大規模な戦争を経験しており、多数の戦死者を出している。その数はアメリカ国内の銃による死者とは比べものにならない )

(検証):( 簡単に銃が買えるアメリカでは銃は自由の象徴の一つである)


アメリカにある政治発言の信憑性をチェックするサイトであるパンディットファクトの2015年の記事によると、アメリカの独立戦争以降の戦死者の数は約140万人であり、1968年から2015年の間にアメリカにおいて銃によって殺害された人の数は150万人を超えているという統計がある。 この数字はアメリカがいかに銃社会であり、銃による犯罪が多発している国であるかということをはっきりと示すものである 。


( 銃規制を阻止する強力な圧力団体の存在とやまぬ銃犯罪)


< アメリカでもすべての子どもが学校に通っているわけではない >

・(思い込み): 先進国は学校教育が基本。公立にしろ、私立にしろ、学校での教育が必要不可欠であり、それはアメリカでも変わらない 。

(検証):( 教育は学校以外でもできるという考え方 )


アメリカ全土で2~3%、つまりは、50人に1人以上の子どもがこの制度の下で勉強しているという現状がある 。


( 社会集団の中にいることで背負うリスクも存在する)



・また、日本にも同様に存在している問題として、いじめを理由としたものがある。なんらかの形でいじめを受けている学校で教育を受けている子どもが、いじめを受けている学校で教育を受け続けるよりも家庭内で教育を受けたほうが、学力が伸び、精神的にもよい場合が多々存在する。そ うした理由によってホームスク-リングが選択されることもあるのだ。


< 2050年に世界人口の40%が深刻な水不足に陥る >

・(思い込み): 温暖化で北極の水が溶け、海面水位が上がるほどなので、将来的に地球の水資源は豊かになるだろう。

(検証):( このまま行けば人類の4割以上が水不足に )


OECDの調査によれば、2000年時点で世界の水需要は約3600k㎥だったが、2000年から2050年までの間に製造業に使われる工業用水が+400%、発電用の水が+140%、生活用水が+30%ほど増加し、水需要全体で55%も増加すると見込まれており、 その結果として2050年時点で深刻な水不足に陥る河川流域の人口が、世界人口の4割以上である39億人にも達する可能性があるというのだ 。将来的に人類が水不足に見舞われるかもしれないという予測は、OECD以外にもユネスコやアジア開発銀行なども発表しており、信憑性が高い。

( 安定的に水を供給できる体制づくりが急務)


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