“47 prefectural rules”

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It is still…

In Aichi Prefecture, if you shoot pachinko videos and slot videos, you are the act of raising videos.

It seems to be low

Before that, it is the history of this industry to conflict with “in good faith in everyone”, if you are quiet for a while, if you change your head on your head, you will do something similar.

Apart from that, the customer just wants to put the production purely in the video, but if it says true

I heard that when the customer was shooting the actual battle of 바카라 the writer, when the customer complained about the production video, he was banned from a house rule.

If you say that, the customer is correct even if you think normally, but the store seems to have collapsed earlier this year. Basically, the hall is not a charity business, but if you take videos and photos, there are some things. If you don’t like it, it’s best not to go to a video prohibited store. There have been photography video shooting and prohibited in the local area for a long time, but the store does not have a writer and it does not go up to the topic of specialized part -time business SNS. There is also a hole.

After all, it’s a human who wants to put it in the photos 🎵

Nowadays, Korea continues to be as humid and hot as Korea.

Even today, it is suddenly raining in the dry sky. Scalls commonly found in tropical climate are happening.

If you are at home, it’s hard to live without air conditioning.

In summer, eating out is frequent.

This year, the heat gets worse, and the body and mind are getting even more.

Even if you go home from work and return home, there are many days of sleeping as a tropical night, and vacation in a nice resort is becoming more urgent.

Where can I go to the vacation by this way? Many people are worried.

Rather than going around in the morning to evening to make a tight plan and see one more

I prefer a trip to relax and relax and enjoy delicious local food and recharge.

Most people travel around Hong Kong, but Macau is more suitable for enjoying a recreation, so I planned around Macau.

Macau has a very good resort facility, so that it will be very hot now.

It takes a day to see one resort facility, and there’s evenly equipped with shopping, food and fun, as well as shopping in the resort.

One of the pleasures of travel is that you can enjoy local food.

The most representative of the local food is dim sum.

Especially for our couple who liked dumplings, it was great to be able to enjoy dim sum every meal.

There are restaurants that can eat dim sum in Korea, but even though the price is not cheap, you can enjoy various dim sums at the price of Korea.

Let’s introduce some of the dim sum restaurants I visited here.


It seemed to be a chain store with a dim sum restaurant in the resort.

It was large and the facilities were very neat, and due to the nature of the dim sum restaurant, there were a lot of food.

There was also an English name in the menu, but there was no picture, so it was hard to choose what food was just by the menu.

I searched on the Internet, showed my employees, and ordered the menu.

It was a good taste without rejection in our tastes.

Longwa Tea House

It is a place where locals are called dim sum restaurants.

It was far from the resort and moved using a taxi.

In the hot weather, only a few fans were running without air conditioning, and as it was operated for decades,

The facilities seemed to be old.

But it was not messy or unclean.

Even in this hot weather, people 온라인카지노 here drink hot tea. As the name of the store is Tea House, there were many types of cars, but only in Chinese, I ordered a suitable car.

There were a lot of foods for the food to eat, so the car was essential.

The unique point of this restaurant is to choose the dim sum and bring it to the table.

There are also various types, so the price is the same in the form of eating and eating what you like.

Calculate the basket number.

Other dishes other than dim sum can be ordered at the table.

Clearly, there were a lot of locals here, and if you go to Macau, I would like to recommend it as a place to go.


It is a chain that is also in Korea, and it is very familiar to our tastes.

There are many different types than Korea and the taste is better, but the price was a bit expensive because it was not a local chain.

It’s not a streets to eat, but when you go to Macau, there is a must -see performance.

Dancing of house water

Ticket prices are expensive, but after seeing, the ticket price will be admired at all.

It is recommended to make a reservation because it is difficult to see this kind of performance in Korea.

It was a performance that can be enjoyed with children, so there were many family audiences.

Overwhelming stage devices and performances of actors will not be able to take their eyes off the stage.

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