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“Fist of the North Star” that created the trigger of the golden age

Today, September 13 is the “Hokuto no Fist Day”, which has been registered as a registration by the Japan Anniversary Association. The origin was because the manga “Hokuto no Ken” was launched from “Weekly Shonen Jump” released on September 13, 1983. [Image] Souther is cute … “Fist of the Hokuto” is interesting to spin -off and musicals (14 sheets) “Hokuto no Ken” is the original drawing by Dr. Tetsuo Hara, the original of Dr. Tetsuo Hara, and the work is shared. However, there was a situation in this formation. Originally, “Fist of the North Star” was published as a broken manga twice in the separate volume “Fresh Jump” before the weekly serialization. At the time of this publication, both won the first place in the reader questionnaire, and due to its popularity, the serialization was decided in this magazine, “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Before the start of the serialization in this magazine, Prof. Hara heard the opinion that it would take some time to draw, so it would not be possible to serialize the weekly alone. That’s how it was. By the way, Mr. Horie later became the fifth editor -in -chief of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. He is the editor -in -chief when he achieved the highest number of records of 6.53 million copies in 1995 No. 3 and 4. At the time of reading, the stage was on the stage, but Professor Takeron -sensei said, “It is better not to have modern weapons to give physical strength” 모바일바카라 and “Let’s set the era without weapons”. A devastated worldview after the nuclear war was born. As a result, this “violence action in the devastated world” is one of the charms of this work. The “Fist of the Hokuto” won the second place in the first serialization questionnaire in the first serialization, and since then it has become a “jumping” sign that keeps the first place for three years. At that time, “Weekly Shonen Sunday” was rising to “Jump”, the first place in Weekly Shonen Magazine on a love comedy route with “Urusei Yatsura” and “Touch”. In this 1983, Sunday has been a threat to the “Jump”, which had begun to break up to 2.28 million copies, the highest record in history. However, the popularity of the “Fist of the North Star” dodged the pursuit of “Sunday”, and at the end of 1984, when the popularity was at the top of 1984, “Jump” has exceeded 4 million copies. Due to this popularity, the “Jump” editorial department, which tended to approach the love comedy route, immediately steered in action and fighting. It is the beginning of the so -called “jump golden age”. In this way, the “Fist of the North Star”, which was the beginning of the “Jump Golden Calon”, has not only “jump”, but also a wide range of genres, from other animations, manga, live -action works and movies.

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